Why Cornerstones Translation?

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CORNERSTONES Translation is a boutique translation studio based in the CBD of Jakarta, Indonesia. In a comfortable, loft-type space which affords the luxury of a warm, collaborative atmosphere, we translators work together in a ‘real-time brick and mortar’ environment to bring you the highest quality and culturally appropriate translations, with a focus on servicing South East Asian languages.


to other translation agencies out there, our rates are more than competitive, and our turnaround times are some of the best in the business. We are able to offer these benefits because we choose to: we love what we do, and importantly for you, there are no project managers in the way of getting what you want.

You pay for our services

we deliver our exceptional quality and service without the back-and-forth, wait times, and compromises that you will come to expect from agencies that outsource their translation tasks for below-award rates.

What makes Cornerstones Translation different?

All translations are done in-house and not outsourced to unscreened and unqualified translators – which is what happens in most other online agencies.
You are not required to establish your needs with an inexperienced ‘project manager’ – the Cornerstones Translation team works with you directly on all projects.
All work is completed by talented translators who have been identified as exceptional communicators in their native language.
Competitive rates and fast turn-around times because we love what we do.

CRNST Quality Management Process – 3 Step Quality Control

Ask Yourself

Have you ever noticed on some translation service websites that the language may seem strange, or the expressions used by the person responding to your translation enquiry doesn’t seem familiar to you as a natural English speaker? You need to ask yourself then, what kind of quality can you expect in your paid translation if the same language isn’t even used correctly by those offering the service? This should be of considerable concern to you.

Cornerstones Quality Management

At Cornerstones Translation, our professional translators will only ever translate into their mother tongues to ensure absolute precision and accuracy. But make no mistake, by no means do we concede that Cornerstones Translators lack confidence in their second language, quite the contrary. For each completed translation, we employ one of our translators’ applicable second-language skill to screen for any possible nuances of expression that may seem unusual and require re-examination. This forms part of the Cornerstones Quality Management process, which ensures that your translated work is as accurate and as stylistically amazing – depending on the type of service you require – as you’d expect it to be.

To assure complete accuracy and cultural integrity of every project that receives our professional treatment, the Cornerstones Quality Management Process applies a
3-Phase Quality Control:


Performed by a CRNST certified professional translator who specializes in the translation subject and who only translates into their native language

1. Review

Performed by a CRNST certified professional Translator who is a native in the source language, highly proficient in the target language, and who specializes in translation subject. This step of the process is to screen for any cultural or contextual discrepancies. We often refer this as a native nuance screening or cultural and contextual review

2. Consultation

The original Translator & Reviewer work together on establishing the most culturally and contextually accurate translation for any content flagged by the Reviewer during Phase 2

3. Final Proofing

Here, a final proofing of the target translation for style and layout is undertaken by a CRNST Translation colleague versed in editing and copywriting prior to delivery to the client


The translation is delivered to the client in accordance with the turnaround times applicable to each translation service, and in-line with the CRNST Expedition Guarantee below.

Dark Horse Comics

The world’s third largest comic book publisher receives Japanese to English localization of a complex graphical encyclopedia in record time.

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