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"I had a really good experience with Lingua Translation Services. The translation was perfect and delivered timely both via email and via post. Communication with the team was flawless and professional."

Fiona Linchin
CEO, Nyrato LTD

"The service was quick, reasonably priced and the translation seemed perfectly fine when I received it. I have no complaints at all."

Jason Fletcher

High-quality Translation Solutions

This service is available for the translation of non-specialized and general content. Cornerstones’s native-speaking translators are each certified professionals with an abundance of experience in day-to-day and general content translation.

No matter the subject, content or project type, we’ve handled it all. Expertly.

Documents come in a wide variety of formats, and our specialized translation professionals are highly trained to work with a large range of material including legal documents, commercial documents, and technical documents.

General Translation fields include:

  • 1

    Identity Documents

  • 2

    Educational Documents

  • 3

    General Notices & Correspondence

  • 4

    Online Content & Journalism

Price: 0.12 USD per source word

Document/Content Submission and Payment Procedure:

You will be contacted by email within 10 minutes of processing the order to confirm that the job is underway, and will be completed in accordance with the turnaround times listed below.


The translation will be delivered by email to the address provided in the document and payment submission form.

*In the event a general content translation is selected yet subject matter of source text is industry specific or of a specialized field, or that a NAATI / Sworn Translation is required, the difference in price will be owing and payable prior to the release of translated documents.

*In the event that a translation is requested and paid for during hours when Cornerstones Translation is not open for business, confirmation of job allocation will occur within the first 30 minutes of reopening for business the following day. Opening Hours are from UTC 3:00AM – UTC 4:00PM.

Please note, while the translations delivered to you as a General Translation paying customer will be 100% accurate, error-free, and endorsed with our professional translator’s stamp and credentials, a sworn translation can only be provided when the NAATI Certfied & Sworn Translation service is selected upon payment.

Identity Documents
Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Licenses etc.
Educational Documents
General Notices & Correspondence
Online Content & Journalism

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