Creating Translation-Oriented Documents


Here are some tips for preparing source documents optimally for translation even during their initial creation. A well-prepared and cleanly-formatted source document can save a lot of time and money during translation with a translation memory system (TM system) since the recognition capabilities of the TM system only make sense if the segments to be translated are actually identical or similar.

To improve the layout and the readability of the text, the author inserts a manual page break at a specific location. However, during translation texts usually grow or shrink in length depending on the language combination.

Kristina Stone, Translating Specialist

Whenever possible, avoid using PDF files as the source document format for translation. Always try to provide the original file format that served as the basis for the creation of the PDF files since PDF files cannot currently be edited in Across; instead, they have to be transformed into another format (usually Word) before translation. The transformed documents must generally be edited again before translation since the converted text usually contains too many formatting errors to be able to translate it sensibly with a TM system. This editing is always associated with additional time and costs and delays the start of the translation.

Very often manual page breaks are inserted for formatting purposes, e.g. because a headline falls at the bottom of a page. To improve the layout and the readability of the text, the author inserts a manual page break at a specific location. However, during translation texts usually grow or shrink in length depending on the language combination, so it is very unlikely that the manual page breaks from the source text should be placed in the same location as in the target text. Usually the manual page breaks are not “translated” but are skipped during translation and they are inserted into the final version of the text after the translation is finished and the text is converted back into its original document format.


Hunt Merchent

Greater visibility into what is happening in the supply chain and when it takes place is essential to operational success. Penske created a series of checks and balances that allows Penske associates and the manufacturer to drive accuracy. The information is presented in a timely manner, which allows the manufacturer to quickly identify a problem and act when something is not correct.

Chris O’connel

Throughout Penske’s relationship with the manufacturer, Penske has adapted its people and processes as changes occur at the facilities and on the production line.

Raina Wilkson

Logistics and supply chains often offer the biggest opportunity to reduce costs and increase efficiency. For many companies, better decision making can lead to cost reductions by up to 40 percent. Over the years, through automation and process improvement, many organizations have managed to reduce human effort but in order to achieve true results.

Joseph Tribianny

Penske’s local presence in Mexico adds to the service level, allowing its team to be more focused on local sourcing, quality and safety. Penske Logistics currently employs more than 4,500 associates in Mexico and has decades of cross-border operations experience. Penske Logistics maintains significant investments in the region, including strategic locations along the border.

Kate Lisson

The data gives users the opportunity to track a product from the initial receipt to the final pick down to the individual SKU, ensuring a quick response in the event of a recall or a spike in demand. Visibility also helps optimize door-to-door movement in the warehouse yard, and the system can track where trailers are as they move or are parked for later processing.

Mitch Losson

Increased visibility also helps operators manage the workforce in the warehouse. Operators can log into the system to see what is headed for the warehouse and when it is expected to arrive so they can schedule the appropriate labor.


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