About Us

Cornerstones Translation

is an in-house, boutique translation agency located in Jakarta CBD, Indonesia. Cornerstones Translation is run and collectively managed by its own professional translators servicing the Indonesian, Malay, Chinese, Thai, Tagalog, Vietnamese and English languages.

Words have enormous power

Born from the premise that translators need to be confident communicators first and above anything else, a collective of like-minded, multi-national translators and colleagues with educational, professional and translation backgrounds in journalism, accounting, law, pharmaceuticals, computer programming, digital design, engineering and linguistics was formed.

As an Independent Translation Studio

we only work with those languages in which we ourselves communicate, and those specialization fields that we have absolute proficiency in. We pride ourselves on open communication and proactive collaboration; a synergy which translates into efficient and effective language solutions for each and every one of our clients.


We offer nothing but the highest quality translations, localizations, and subtitles in the following South East Asian language pairs:

Indonesian < > English
Malaysian < > English
Chinese < > English
Thai < > English
Vietnamese < > English
Tagalog < > English

Outsourcing is not a term that we are familiar with

PLEASE take a look at our translator profile section for a look at our team on paper, check out our pricing, and then submit your content for translation and process payment for an expedited turnaround. You are more than welcome to contact us directly if you would like to work together to achieve a larger scale multi-lingual goal, or even if you just have specific requests. Once we navigate your needs, all that is left is for our in-house translator team to take care of the communications goals or global reach that you have set for yourself or your company.

Here to Help Your Every Translation Need

Fill in the form and a qualified professional will begin to manage your project right away. Leave the translation and localization to us and concentrate in your core business. Speak with us.