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The only dedicated, in-house, south-east asian translation studio collectively managed by its own professional translators. Together, we have the fastest turnaround times in the industry*


Each service includes an overall quality review by our collaborative team of translators prior to delivery.
Please refer to Pricing and Specialized Fields sections below for more information.

Languages Available

Cornerstones Translation only services those languages in which our in-house translators have absolute proficiency, comprising of the following:


Despite the fluidity of register, word choice and dialect of the Indonesian language, we excel at bringing everything together with consistent translations.


No matter how much the text is blessed with Malaysian multilingual diversity, we are on the pulse when it comes to delivering a clear message.


Whether it’s simplified or traditional text, northern or southern dialect, we are ready to serve all of your Mandarin language needs.


From daily Thai through to that used by royalty, we are familiar with all registers and regional variations of the language to provide exceptional translations.


The many vocabulary differences found between the linguistic centers of Hanoi, Hue and Ho Chi Minh serve absolutely no problem for our professional translators.


Tagalog, Visayan, or even an English mix of the national language is covered by our team, and you would have never known the difference.

Translation Pricing

Translations are priced per word based on the translation type you require.

General Content Translation
$0.12 USD
per source word
Identity Documents
Educational Certificates
General Notice & Correspondence
Online Content
Journalism Articles
Specialized Field Translation
$0.14 USD
per source word
Business & Corporate
Law & Litigation
Banking & Finance
Pharmaceuticals & Medical
Technology & Engineering
Blockchain & Crypto
Casinos & Online Gambling
NAATI Certified Translation
$0.19 USD
per source word
Notarized Deeds & Agreements
Affidavits & Police Clearances
Identity Documents
Educational Transcripts
Tax Assessments & Insurance

Specialized Fields

Cornerstones Translation only works in those fields in which we have absolute proficiency.

Why Cornerstones Translation?

No outsourcing to unscreened and unqualified translators.
The CRNST translation team works with you directly on all projects.
We are each exceptional communicators in our native languages.
Low rates and fast turnaround times because we love what we do.

CORNERSTONES Quality Management Process
3-Phase Quality Control

To date, we’ve served more than 5,000 brands worldwide from a variety of industries, including technology, marketing, legal, finance, government, automotive, life sciences, travel, games, manufacturing and media. Could your industry be next?


First, the translation is performed by a CRNST professional translator who possesses high-level proficiency in the source language and native in the target language.


After the review is complete, the translator and reviewer work together to decide on the most culturally and contextually accurate translation for any flagged content.


The translation is then screened by a CRNST professional translator native in the source language with high-level proficiency in the target language for any cultural or contextual discrepancies.


Once all flagged content is discussed and the necessary changes made, a final proofreading of the target translation for style and layout occurs prior to delivery to the client.


the CRNST Expedition Promise & Guarantee

Our turnaround times for quality translations are faster than all other agencies across the board. Cornerstones Translation guarantees that your translation will be delivered within the following time frame with respect to the total word volume:

Is that a dictionary in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?™


Submit documents and make pre-payment for expedited general, specialized and NAATI translations!

Provide details about your localization or subtitling requirements and receive a response within the hour!*

Please get in contact for your ongoing government, corporate, or general collaborative needs!

*Please note, office hours are UTC 3:00AM – UTC 4:00PM. In the event contact is made outside of these hours,
a response will be provided within a reasonable timeframe of your initial inquiry.